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How is a dietary supplement introduced to the market?

Dietary supplements are specific products that, although often associated with pharmacy, are subject to food regulations. The producer is obliged to follow certain procedures, and the process of producing and introducing supplements consists of several steps. We often reach for this kind of product to improve the quality of our health and well-being, but it’s good to know why they are available in our pharmacy or store.

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What to consider when choosing a plant producing dietary supplements?

Do you want to create your own line of dietary supplements? Have you already developed a formula, or maybe you count on the professional support of the manufacturer who will help you develop a unique composition of your products? No matter what stage you are at, choose a proven plant that will comprehensively deal with the production of your food products supporting the body and providing it with vitamins and minerals. How to make the right choice and what to consider when choosing a manufacturer? Discover our tips which will help you establish cooperation with a proven plant that guarantees high-quality products that are completely safe for the health of customers.

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What are the critical control points in the production of dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements are a perfect complement to everyday menu. Their use has a positive effect on the functioning of the body, improving its functioning and enriching it with vitamins, as well as micro- and macroelements. Dietary supplements are recommended for people struggling with vitamin deficiencies and leading an active lifestyle. Every year, this type of products enjoys unflagging popularity, but it is good to bear in mind that it is important to consume dietary supplements from proven sources, produced in accordance with applicable restrictions. And while supplements, in the light of applicable law, are not classified as drugs, their production is strictly controlled to ensure that they are completely safe for the health of consumers.

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What does the idea of a private label involve in the production of dietary supplements?

The production of dietary supplements is a sequence of very complex and demanding processes, including the preparation of the ingredients and technology, activities in the area of product research and development, stringent quality control, implementation of safety standards, etc. This type of activity requires not only the involvement of specialists with proper knowledge and experience, but also considerable financial resources. Not every company that has the ambition to distribute dietary supplements under its own brand, has its own production line. In such cases, one of the best options which may appear is a private label.

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Why is it worth outsourcing the manufacturing of dietary supplements to Poland?

Dietary supplements are very popular in Poland. And even though they are not classified as drugs, they are a source of essential nutrients for the body. Their manufacturing, however, is subject to stringent restrictions arising from both Polish legal regulations and European standards. Companies planning to start their production must meet a number of requirements and submit relevant documents to the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

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What is contract manufacturing of dietary supplements?

The proper functioning of the body depends on many elements. Of course, a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity are extremely important for us to stay in good shape. However, the fast pace of living and changing conditions mean that our body needs additional support. That’s why specialists recommend taking dietary supplements that support the proper functioning of our body, supplement vitamin and mineral deficiencies while improving our well-being. The ingredients contained in them take care of the individual systems of our body, including the digestive, nervous and immune ones, as well as support the hormonal balance. But how are these types of products made? And what is the so-called contract manufacturing? Our article explains this concept and outlines the various stages of the process.

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