Exim Pharma company offers you the production of coated and uncoated tablets. We provide the help necessary to create a recipe which will make the composition and appearance of the final product that is most attractive to the consumer. The shape and diameter of the tablet are set individually with the Client. For tablet production, we use standardised raw materials complying with national and European standards. Exim Pharma’s team of qualified employees oversees the correctness of the production process.

Production of uncoated tablets

The production of uncoated tablets involves compressing multi-component powder into a small pill. The final product, which is the uncoated tablet (called the core), is characterised by a small amount of auxiliary ingredients. The final product is ready for direct division and blister-packaging. As part of contract production (private label) we offer:

Production of coated tablets

Coated tablets have a thin layer of substance protecting the core. Due to coating, the core of the tablet is protected from external factors and does not leave residue during packaging. In addition, this layer reduces the unpleasant taste of the tablet and makes it easier to swallow. The coating enables time-releasing the active substance from the tablet. You can choose from different coating colours to simplify the consumer taking the right dosage. Depending on the coating material used, we distinguish between coated tablets and film-coated tablets. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our tablet production offer.