The produced dietary supplements and products for animals can be packed into unit packagings, which are ready for retail sale. We ensure compliance of the packed product weight with the Client’s specifications. Below, you will find detailed information on individual packaging methods.

Packaging into bottles

Both liquid products, e.g. syrups, and tablets, can be packed into bottles with a closure. On each bottle we place a label or print provided by the Client or developed by our company. We would like to remind you that you can use the help of our marketing team, which will make visually attractive graphics. We cooperate with renowned printing houses, so you can be assured that the print will be readable.

Packaging into cardboard boxes

Blister-packs are one of the most popular packaging types for medical products and supplements. When placed in a tasteful cardboard box, they will be well protected from external factors. What’s more, the box can be easily displayed and ready for sale in stores. Feel free to contact us! We are at your disposal.