The constantly changing expectations of the consumer market require fast and decisive reactions for companies that make products for animals. If your company wants to expand its offer with new products, or are a company making its first steps in the zoological market, it is worth it to work with Exim Pharma. We offer contract production of products for animals. We have extensive technological facilities and know-how necessary to create preparations that are suitable for animals. We can make high-quality fodder blends for dogs and cats as well as dietary supplements for you.

Dietary supplements for animals

Dietary supplements for animals are becoming more and more popular among pet owners. Due to contract production, you can launch a safe, tested product of specific therapeutic values. When creating a supplement recipe, we take into account the species for which the preparation is to be prepared and select the appropriate ingredients. Our employees will guide you through each stage of production and will prepare appropriate registration applications. They can also prepare a ready-packaging design with information leaflets.