Preparing the right formula of the preparation is one of the key factors affecting whether the new brand will succeed on the market. We offer our Clients the service of composition development and production technology for medicinal products, dietary supplements, dietetic foods, nutrients and products for animals. We rely on many years of experience in the industry, which enables us to prepare a recipe that meets the assumed therapeutic, taste and aroma values.

What does the process look like?

The process of composition development and production technology begins with preparing the initial product capabilities assessment and presenting the vision of a new product in order to get the opinion of Exim Pharma specialists. In the next stage, we determine the quantitative and qualitative composition of the product and we choose the packaging method. Then we make technological tests and the production process is validated. If all of the above stages do not raise any objections, we move to the production of pilot and registration series, which we test for stability. The last stage, in agreement with the client, is to optimise the final price of the product and to prepare specifications. At every stage of production, you can count on the help of our specialists.