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Dietary supplements are a perfect complement to everyday menu. Their use has a positive effect on the functioning of the body, improving its functioning and enriching it with vitamins, as well as micro- and macroelements. Dietary supplements are recommended for people struggling with vitamin deficiencies and leading an active lifestyle. Every year, this type of products enjoys unflagging popularity, but it is good to bear in mind that it is important to consume dietary supplements from proven sources, produced in accordance with applicable restrictions. And while supplements, in the light of applicable law, are not classified as drugs, their production is strictly controlled to ensure that they are completely safe for the health of consumers.

What are the critical control points in supplement manufacturing?

The most important stage in the production of dietary supplements is the development of their formula and composition. Products that are safe for health are made of the highest quality ingredients tested for their effects on the body. However, research on the safety of using dietary supplements should be carried out at every stage of production. This type of activity is defined as the critical control points during which the quality of the products is verified and the risk of occurrence of possible threats to consumer safety is assessed. Risk analysis and critical control points are marked as the HACCP system, which obliges food producers to comply with the rules of hygiene and safety during production.

The HACCP system is created individually by producers who are obliged to comply with previously established rules for production of dietary supplements and to maintain documentation of their implementation. Specialists  must therefore carry out an analysis of risks that may occur at any stage of supplement manufacturing and establish critical control points that identify processes during which potential threats may occur. Next, they are obliged to develop tolerance rules and standards setting the limits of safe production, while determining the actions that are to be taken in the event of exceeding the established standards. It is also crucial to develop a continuous verification system that allows for continuous production control.

What is the importance of the HACCP system?

The HACCP system is a guarantee of the safety of manufactured products. By carrying out controls at various stages of production product quality can be effectively managed and the risk of all kinds of risks that may adversely affect the health of consumers can be eliminated. Monitoring critical control points is extremely important for confirming that the offered product is manufactured from the highest quality ingredients in a safe and production process controlled by the State Sanitary Inspectorates. All the above-mentioned assumptions of the HACCP system are implemented in our company Exim Pharma, which has been producing medical devices and dietary supplements for many years.