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Nowadays, many people realize that in order to stay healthy and look young for as long as possible, it is necessary to use dietary supplements. We reach for them to strengthen our immune system, increase energy, support concentration or strengthen hair and nails. How do we define dietary supplements? Can they be considered medicines? In what form are they most often produced?

What are dietary supplements?

Dietary supplements aren’t medicines, but concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for the body. They also often contain plant extracts, dietary fibre, amino acids, probiotics and fatty acids. In order for them to be placed on sale, they must meet the stringent requirements of the Chief Sanitary Inspector. They can affect the functioning of the digestive, nervous and cardiovascular systems as well as the condition of the skin, hair and nails. They support the concentration, immune system and slow down the aging process. Many people use them to support the weight loss process. In what forms do they usually occur?

  • Capsules

There are two forms of capsules – soft and hard. The hard capsules mask the taste and smell of the contained substances, resolve quickly almost immediately after ingestion and are easy to swallow. Soft capsules have a soft shell and are filled with a liquid, powder or granules. The shell is usually made of gelatin. With the growing popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets, plant-based capsule shells started to be produced.

  • Tablets

Tablets are one of the most popular forms of dietary supplements. They are easy to swallow and the body absorbs them quickly. An additional advantage is that they are cheap to produce. They are produced in a film-coated and uncoated form. This form of supplementation is also vegetarian and vegan friendly.

  • Liquids

Obviously, in the case of small children, tablets aren’t an option, so syrups and drops are a good solution here. It’s easy to give them to a child, especially since they can also have a different taste, smell and colour. How does the body absorb liquids with the substances they contain? They are absorbed almost immediately after consumption. Many adults also prefer this form of supplementation over tablets or capsules.

  • Powders and granulated substances

Supplements also come in the form of powders and granulated substances. They are in special packets, from which the dose is measured with a special measuring cup, or placed in sachets. In the latter case, the doses are precisely measured and are usually consumed after dissolving in water. The powder production process is faster and cheaper than capsules or tablets. The body absorbs supplements very well in this form.

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