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The production of dietary supplements is a sequence of very complex and demanding processes, including the preparation of the ingredients and technology, activities in the area of product research and development, stringent quality control, implementation of safety standards, etc. This type of activity requires not only the involvement of specialists with proper knowledge and experience, but also considerable financial resources. Not every company that has the ambition to distribute dietary supplements under its own brand, has its own production line. In such cases, one of the best options which may appear is a private label.

Private label – what does it involve?

Private label (in other words white label) in literal words means private label. The above term refers to the phenomenon whereby one company produces a given product, and another company markets it under a brand that it has created. Therefore, two entities take part in the entire process – the manufacturer, who is responsible only for the production process, and the distributor, who takes steps to sell given products.

The very idea of private label is quite straightforward, and this sector is gaining more and more popularity in our country every year. Such a solution is chosen both by companies whose aim is to extend the product offer with low investment outlays, as well as companies wishing to create a completely new brand. In this case, all issues related to the creation of the brand result from the implemented marketing strategy.

Own-brand dietary supplements

The private label model can be successfully implemented when selling dietary supplements. The production of this type of product requires proper human resources, as well as technological and research facilities. The whole process usually takes a long time and may generate considerable costs. Private label allows you to create your own brand of dietary supplements while reducing costs, time and risk.

A company wishing to sell dietary supplements under its own brand, however, faces one important task – choosing a proven manufacturer who will be able to provide high-quality products. In that case, you can hope for the professional support of Exim Pharma. We are a Polish manufacturer of dietary supplements and medical devices, providing clients with comprehensive services in this area – from the development of the ingredients to registration of our products. We produce preparations based on our own recipes as well as those provided by the customer. We act in accordance with national and European production standards, providing dietary supplements of the highest quality.

The private label idea is a number of benefits for companies that want to enter the market with dietary supplements under their own brand. +-It is a way to optimize costs while minimizing risk. You can operate both online and online, locally or globally. You have the opportunity to create your own offer, brand and marketing and promotional campaign tailored to the expectations of consumers.

Are you interested in producing dietary supplements under your own brand? You are encouraged to work with us!