proMUM NEW LIVE is a high quality dietary supplement dedicated for pregnant and breastfeeding women. A composition of carefully selected nutrients has been placed in the Vcaps vegetable capsule. The product is gluten-free, no additives, no dyes, and the capsules are a 100% vegetable product.





proMUM NEW LIVE contains a unique combination of two acid sources including Extrafolate® calcium L-methylfolate – an active, easily and quickly digestible form of folate. Supplemental folate intake increases maternal folate levels. Low maternal folate levels are a risk factor for the development of neural tube defects in the developing fetus. The preparation contains easily absorbable iron in the form of iron (II) bisglycinate. Iron is involved in the process of cell division and helps in the production of red blood cells. The source of DHA in the product is highly purified microencapsulated fish oil (containing EPA and DHA acids)

Intended use:

Women over 18 years of age.


unit box: blister, 30 capsules Vcaps®

Active substances:

Folic acid:
folic acid from pteroylmonoglutamic acid
folic acid from calcium L-methylfolate
Iron (iron bisglycinate (II))
Vitamin D
Microencapsulated fish oil (containing EPA and DHA acids)