MyPupillo Joints

We are pleased that MyPupillo preparations are constantly gaining your trust and are more and more often chosen from store shelves. Our manufacturing takes place in Poland, which enables us to ensure the highest quality at every stage of their production.

MY PUPILLO JOINTS COMPLEX is a specialised preparation supporting the proper functioning and development of the osteoarticular system of young dogs as well as the protection and functioning of the osteoarticular system of adult dogs. The product has been developed in collaboration with prof. of vet science Bogdan Dębski. The active ingredients of the preparation strengthens the structure and regeneration of joints and help in the proper secretion of synovial fluid. They increase the resistance of bones and joints to microtraumas.



supportively in development of the osteoarticular system of young dogs, after injuries or osteoarticular surgeries of adult dogs, for difficulties in moving of adult dogs

Purpose of the product:

Preparation for fast-growing dogs for use from 3 months of age.


Cardboard box, PET container: 90 capsules.