MyPupillo – Healthy coat

We are pleased that MyPupillo preparations are constantly gaining your trust and are more and more often chosen from store shelves. Our manufacturing takes place in Poland, which enables us to ensure the highest quality at every stage of their production.

An inseparable element of ensuring good condition of the coat is the supplementation of a dog’s or cat’s diet. Our specialists have developed a special formula of capsules with pure fish oil, providing domestic animals with valuable OMEGA-3 fatty acids. The ingredients of MyPupillo Healthy Coat product improves the skin, while the regular use of the product ensures a dense, shiny and velvet coat.



Excessive hair loss.

Intended use:

MyPupillo “Healthy Coat” is intended for dogs and cats over 12 weeks of age. Recommended for excessive hair loss or prolonged moulting.


The package contains 60 capsules.

Active substances:

Omega 3 acids, EPA and DHA acids contained in fish oil support the condition of animal’s skin and coat.

Vitamin E supports the proper functioning of the immune system and maintaining the proper condition of skin.