Carbo gastronatural

CARBO Gastronatural is a high-quality natural dietary supplement in Vcaps capsules (vegetarian) dedicated to people suffering from frequent bloating, feeling of fullness after meals or burping. A unique composition of herbal extracts supports correct function of the digestive system and intestines. Artichoke extract stimulates production of digestive juices and function of the liver and bile ducts. Dill extract reduces bloating, while anise extract supports digestive comfort and helps to get rid of the feeling of fullness. Melissa has a beneficial effect on health of the digestive system and intestines, and also reduces burping and nervous tension in the stomach and intestines. Milk thistle extract supports bile production and regeneration of liver cells and tissues. It also regulates digestion.





– improves gas elimination
– supports digestive comfort
– supports function of the liver and biliary tract
– eliminates the feeling of fullness

Intended use:



unit box, blister 30 capsules

Active substances:

Activated carbon (Carbo medicinalis),
Dill extract(obtained from dried dill), Anise extract (obtained from dried anise),

Melissa extract (obtained from dried melissa),
Artichoke extract (obtaned from dried artichoke),

Milk thistle extract(obtained from dried milk thistle)